Income Tax : Address Update of the Reporting Entity on SFT Portal

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The income tax department communicates with reporting entities using the address details provided by them on reporting portal. However, in a few cases the address details are not complete. To ensure the completeness of address details entered by reporting entities, an address update popup will be displayed to the reporting entity upon login to reporting portal.

Either the Principal Officer or the Designated Director (Principal Officer for Form No. 61) of the reporting entity will be prompted to update the address details through the popup, which will appear before the welcome page on the reporting portal.

Steps to update the address details through popup:

  1. Login to Reporting Portal
  2. Select the ‘Form Type’ and ‘ITDREIN’ and click on ‘Proceed’ button
  3. Select the ‘Authorized Person Type’ and click on ‘Proceed’ button
  4. Update address popup will display to the user
  5. Verify the existing address details of the Reporting Entity displayed on popup
  6. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button if the details are correct
  7. If required click on ‘Edit’ button to update the address details.
  8. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button after entering the valid address details.

This is a one-time activity for every reporting entity.

Reporting entity users will not be able to proceed on Reporting Portal if address details are not confirmed.

As before, if required, reporting entity user will be able to modify the address details through reporting entity address details tab under the profile section.



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