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Companies often have over a hundred employees who help run the entire business. All of them will belong to one department that falls under the company. There are teams, team... More

Nowadays there is a growing number of people voluntarily registering under the goods and services tax (GST). Most of them are freelancers, i.e., they are self-employed and not committed to... More

Is it ever okay to ask for money from your friends or family? Surprisingly, over one-third of startup founders have raised money from friends and family to get their startup... More

Money might not buy happiness, but giving it away can surely bring you a little happiness when you’ll see your money being used for a good cause. Fundraising is seeking... More

How can a small idea be turned into a successful business? Well, Entrepreneurs know this. Entrepreneurs are the person who develops, organizes, and operates a business venture and bears much... More

Angel Investors are like ‘Angels’ god sent for Small businesses. They are the private investors who fund small businesses and get Equity from them in exchange means no need to... More

Managing taxes can be a tedious task for many. Filing an income tax return — which details the income earned by an assessee in a given period, say a financial... More

Capital is the ‘lifeline' of every Business. Taking from a Startup to a business venture, everyone needs Capital to grow which will help to take off startup from the ground... More

According to a study, the new businesses over, 94% failed mainly in the operation's first year. One of the reasons can be the fund lacking. For any such business, money... More

Raising funds is one of the key factors that play a major role in any start-up. Deciding how to raise funds by analyzing various factors like the control over the... More


TaxClue Team

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