I am a Deductor. How can I view Form GSTR-7A?

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To view Form GSTR-7A, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the www.gst.gov.in URL. The GST Home page is displayed.
  2. Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.
  3. Click the Services > User Services > View/Download Certificates command.  

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  1. The View/Download Certificates page is displayed. Click the TDS Certificate link.  

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  1. Select the financial Year and Return Filing Period from the drop-down list.
  2. In the GTIN of Deductee field, you can also enter the GSTIN of Deductee.

Note: If the GSTIN of the Deductee is not entered, the downloaded certificate will contain the details of deductees for the selected relevant period.

  1. Click the search button.

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  1. The search results are displayed. You can click the download link to download the TDS Certificate.

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  1. The TDS Certificate is displayed in PDF format.

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