How to View and Download DQR Statement on ITD reporting Portal

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TaxClue Team
TaxClue Team
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Every successfully uploaded statement on the Reporting Portal is processed for data quality errors and a Data Quality Report (DQR) is generated for the same. On generation of DQR, the Reporting Entity would receive an email notifying the generation of DQR.

The Reporting Entity needs to file a correction statement to rectify all the errors highlighted in the data quality report. There is no need to file a correction statement if there are no defects and no exceptions in the submitted statement.

The steps to view and download DQR and file a correction statement are as follows:

View and Download DQR from Reporting Portal

  • Log into Reporting Portal and navigate to Statement > Uploaded Statements. Choose the appropriate parameters (reporting period, submission status, etc.) and click the Search button.
  • Under the Uploaded Statements section, a list of statements based on the selected parameters appears, divided in two tabs Uploaded Statements and Original Statements.
    • The Uploaded Statements tab lists down all the statements uploaded by the Reporting Entity (i.e. Original, Correction, Deletion & NIL statements) with their submission status (accepted, rejected, etc.) and “Statement DQR”. User can view/ download Statement DQR XML for filing a correction statement on such submitted statement.
    • The Original Statements tab lists down all the Original Statements filed by the Reporting Entity. From this section, user can view and download Consolidated Defect DQR for filing a correction statement.
  • Reporting Entity can also download the relevant Statement DQR or Consolidated Defect DQR for original statement by clicking on Statement ID. On click of statement ID related statements pop-up appears, consisting of original statement along with all Correction/Deletion statements filed for that original statement.
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Statement DQR is specific to the particular submitted statement against which it is visible and will not be updated post submission of a correction/ deletion statement on the original statement.

Consolidated Defect DQR displays defects in the original statement which are still pending for resolution. The submitted correction/ deletion statement (if any) is also considered for generating this DQR.[/box]

Download DQR from Generic Submission Utility

  1. On the Generic Submission Utility, click the Download DQR tab.
  2. Enter the User ID and Password created during registration with Reporting Portal.
  3. Enter the Statement ID for which DQR has to be downloaded.
  4. Click Download DQR.
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