How a CA can contribute to the growth of his client’s business?


The general notion that people hold for a Chartered Accountant is that a Chartered Accountant is a Bookkeeper. Chartered Accountants are viewed just as bookkeepers and not decision-makers. Whenever the topic of economic growth comes, people talk about businessmen and not Chartered Accountants. But the perspective needs to change. A Chartered accountant is a major pillar in building the economy. A Chartered Accountant helps other businesses to progress by ensuring that the accounts and the financial statements of the businessmen are up to the mark and the business is being done is an accurate and fair manner. Thus the CA community ensures fair trade and business practices in the country and plays a decisive role in the economic growth of India by ensuring that the financial system remains healthy and is not troubled by any malpractices.

Chartered Accountants (CAs) work hard to fulfill all the Accounting, GST and Audit requirements of their clients and thus facilitate them in their business growth and expansion.

Keeping in mind the complexities in GST in the current era it is only Chartered Accountants who are working day and night to beat the complexities in GST for their clients. To succeed in this pursuit of there, they need an excellent GST Ready accounting software to prepare and maintain accurate books of accounts and provide reliable reports to their clients. BUSY is one such GST ready business accounting software for CAs and their clients. It’s robust features enable them to carry out their tasks effortlessly, accurately and in minimum time.

Some of the features that some software offer specially for CAs, which ultimately helps them in contributing to their client’s business are:

  1. GSTR-2A reconciliation:

The GST ready software in the market has a feature that allows automatic reconciliation of GSTR-2A. In this, the entries in GSTR-2A is matched with purchase records, and all the missing invoices can be traced within minutes.

  1. Configurable Balance Sheet:

This feature reduces the need to export balance sheet to Excel and do the formatting. One can configure the balance sheet format as per their own need.

  1. Voucher Replication:

Voucher Replication feature allows you to create multiple vouchers in one go. This feature comes very handily while completing books.

  1. Audit Features:

Some of the auditing features readily available in software are:

  • Auditing of Voucher.
  • List of Missing/Un-Sequenced/Duplicate/Cancelled Vouchers.
  • Negative cash and stock at any point.
  • Data Checklist.

BUSY 18 is one amongst such software in the market which is designed to simplify the working of CAs so that they can facilitate the growth of their clients. Be it accounting or GST compliance; BUSY is a one-stop solution for all types of business requirements. To put the icing on the cake BUSY is running a Special CA Scheme, under this scheme, Busy Infotech is offering 80% discount on List Price of its Standard and Enterprise (Multi-user license) of BUSY 18.


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