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Digital Signing PDF Documents To Close Important Business Deals Easily

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A remote working environment has created challenges in signing the documents physically. Digital Signatures turns your remote work easier and helps you sign documents from any corner of the world!

Digital Signing of documents eliminates the need for the signatory to be physically present. Also authenticates the data & also protects sensitive information when online.

Now, as the business world is making a revolution with the paperless business setup, why should your business stay behind?

This article will shed some light on how your business can benefit from the digital signing solution regarding cost reduction, time-saving, and efficiency of the workflow.

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Digital Signature online| What & Why?

Digital signature in simplest terms!

A digital signature is a hybrid of the electronic signature combined with a secure digital identification. These signatures are the best way to secure all the critical paperwork that revolves around the business enterprise.

Using digital signature online to sign your documents makes it easier to secure your documents by adding an authentication factor & making them tamper-proof.

Digital Signing Software – Variety of Applications!

Irrespective of your business domain, you will have a lot of critical paperwork going around the business workflow. Some documents out of them need to be signed by the concerned authority.

Digital signatures can be a great replacement over the slow-moving paperwork to save on document transportation, faxing, etc. and shorten their project timelines by a considerable percentage.

Following are some of the businesses that have majorly turned towards digital signing solution to improve their workflow and cut on project costs:

  • Human resources
  • Finance departments
  • Legal services
  • Medical facilities
  • Marketing firms
  • Taxation software providers
  • GST return filings, etc.

Digital Signatures helps you cut costs & business time and provides a layer of authenticity & integrity to your documents.

Why has digital signature become so important in recent times?

It has become essential for every business to embrace the developments in technology and update their IT infrastructure accordingly.

Digital Signature has enabled a smooth workflow in the remote work setup.

As the remote work culture has now become mature enough in India post-COVID times and still will be in place for a while.

Employees look at the advantages of working from home and accept that they are more productive working from home than working on-site!

Well, remote work has its fair share of advantages; however, there are some disadvantages remote work can have over the business workflow.

Many businesses still follow the old-school techniques and prefer the manual, printed and face-to-face components. Physical document signing is the best example of this technique.

The Digital Signing solution can be the best fit in such situations, and the best thing is it comes at a minimum cost!

Digital signatures come extremely handy when you need a secure way to sign your important documents like tax forms, invoices; IT returns, legal contracts, etc.

Your search for a secured digital signing solution ends here!

Choosing a digital signing software can be a tough decision.

When exposed on the internet, the critically important paperwork of the business raises concern among the stakeholders of the documents.

Hence, keeping these documents secured in the online space should be the number one priority for any digital signing solution.

One such secured digital signing solution is GSTHero’s SafeSign!

Following are some of the critical benefits of this digital signing solution:

  • Military-grade security– Authorization and authentication user bifurcation.
  • Customizable signature template– places the digital signature on the PDF without changing the document’s orientation in any way.
  • Scalable deployment options– It is suitable for businesses ranging from a large enterprise to a small or micro firm. It also serves the purpose of individual’s activities which includes digital sign.
  • Easy integration– with your existing ERP system and the CRM.
  • GST compliant– compliant with all the GST laws so you can file your returns hassle-free.
  • Bulk signing– Improve your workflow with multi-part access allowing you to sign multiple documents in less time
  • Remote signing– authenticate and authorize your document from any corner of the world.

Are digital signatures legally binding?

Businesses do not need to worry about the credibility of the digital signatures as it is entirely valid and legal in India.

According to the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act), the following two types of e-signatures are recognized in India:

  1. e-Signature combining the Aadhar card with the e-KYC service
  2. Digital Signatures generated using crypto-system & hash function

Hence, all the documents signed using digital signatures shall legally bind all the parties signing them. The documents that are digitally signed are also legally binding in the court of law.

Businesses and individuals should not hesitate to use the digital signatures as it is safe, convenient and faster than the traditional physical signing.

In a nutshell

Businesses should understand that digitally signing PDF & Word documents is the best way to cut your document transportation, faxing costs and improving your business workflow.

Businesses must equip themselves with an up-to-date digital signing solution that will cater to all their needs for signing the documents digitally and that too from the comfort of their remote workplace. Till then, stay updated; stay ahead! Until the next time…..

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