Pradeep Sharma

I am a CS Student.

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India has a large number of start-ups mushrooming enormously day by day and has the third-largest number of start-ups in the world. This will impact the socio-economics of the start-up... More

India has one of the fast-growing economies in the world and this can partly be credited to the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) inputs to the country and to globalization. A... More

There are various forms of business organizations. The selection of the most suitable form of business organization is a very crucial decision because each form of organization has its own... More

All LLPs registered under the LLP Act, 2008 need to file Annual Returns and Statement of Accounts for every Financial Year. It is mandatory for an LLP to file a... More

The 45th GST Council meeting was held today i.e. on September 17, 2021, under the Chairmanship of Union Finance & Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman at Lucknow. The meeting... More

An income tax return is a yearly statement that declares your income and taxes paid during the year to the income tax department. It will be a little uneasy for... More

The income tax department has mandated high-income earners to disclose certain assets in their Income Tax Return (ITR). This is done to detect cases that have a disproportionate increase in... More

The 45th GST Council meeting was held on Friday, 17th September 2021. It was chaired by the Union FM Nirmala Sitharaman and state Finance Ministers at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, physically... More

There have been several speculations about the GST Council considering a GST levy on fuel. Recently, the Finance Ministry had clarified that this is not on the agenda of the... More

The income tax treatment from shares invested in a domestic company varies with those invested in a foreign company. The foreign exchange regulations in India prohibits investment outside India after... More


Pradeep Sharma

I am a CS Student. I believe, the knowledge & wisdom that reading gives has helped me shape my perspective towards life, career, and relationships. I enjoy meeting new people & learning about their lives & backgrounds. My mantra is to find inspiration from everyday life & thrive to be better each day.

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